Professional learning stage 3

Teachers training in Global Storylines

Stage 3: Reflection and next steps

At this final stage participants will be supported to:

  • Repeat their personal baseline assessments and analyse their own progress and development within their communities of enquiry.  This will be facilitated by the Global Storylines team during the structured final reflection half day.
  • Synthesise and make connections with the professional reading they have undertaken and their Global Storylines experience.  Discuss how the Global Storylines can support the work of other key initiatives in school such as Eco-Schools, Rights Based Learning, and Fairtrade status.
  • Plan how to disseminate their learning from the programme and support new teachers in their learning communities to go forward with Global Citizenship.
  • Reflect on how the Programme so far has contributed to their Career Long Professional Learning.  In conjunction with their member of SMT responsible for Professional Update, each participant will be supported to relate the elements of the programme to their growing understanding of  the new GTCS Standard for Career Long Professional Learning, focussing on:
    • Professional Values and Personal Commitment;
    • Professional Knowledge and Understanding;
    • Professional Skills and Abilities;
    • Professional Actions

Professional Learning

"I feel my confidence of teaching these current issues has really increased and I can now use what I’ve learned and develop Global Citizenship right across the curriculum." Teacher

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