Professional learning Stage 2

Teachers training in Global Storylines

Stage 2: Implement Global Storylines

Over a 6-12 week period, participants will:

  • Conduct a pupil baseline survey of their attitudes and values/knowledge and understanding in relation to how they think the world can become a better place.
  • Collect evidence of pupil work for their portfolio.
  • Conduct their own action research around the key questions of how the pupils are demonstrating their growing development of the values, attitudes and skills of Global Citizenship.
  • Undertake professional reading of prominent research in Education for Global Citizenship and affective learning for social and environmental change.
  • Record their findings and liaise online with each other to share their experiences, using structured questioning provided by the Global Storylines team.
  • Reflect together. The Global Storylines team facilitate two structured, collaborative reflective twilight sessions and a half day reflection session mid-project for the community of enquiring teachers. Teachers repeat their baseline survey with the pupils and analyse the results.


Professional Learning

"Having the support network around you has been the most important thing." Teacher

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