Stage 1

Teachers training in Global Storylines

Stage 1: Attend Global Storylines training over two days.

At this stage participants will:

  • Reflect on current understanding and experience of Global Citizenship.
  • Establish teacher communities of enquiry, where in collaboration they conduct and analyse their own baseline assessment to measure where they are in their own understanding of Global Citizenship.
  • Examine the Key Elements of Education for Global Citizenship: the skills, values and attitudes and how CfE supports pupils (and teachers) to explore the real world issues within the main themes of Global Citizenship:
    • globalisation and interdependence;
    • sustainable development;
    • peace and conflict;
    • social justice and equity;
    • diversity
  • Explore key participatory and active methodologies of Global Citizenship which support both pupils and teachers to deepen their thinking around global issues and explore multiple perspectives.
  • Recap on the benefits of the Storyline Approach and its relevance for developing IDL.
  • Get to grips with the Process Drama techniques needed for Global Storylines and go through all the episodes of the Global Storyline they will implement.
  • Identify methods for recording and sharing action research: teacher learning logs, social media spaces etc.


Professional Learning

"If I’d tried to do this without the training I would have had no confidence to do it." Teacher

“I was embarrassed at how little I knew at the start...[the whole programme] has helped me develop professionally and brought on my understanding of Global Citizenship.” Primary Teacher

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