Powerful learning moments

Drama with pupils

The Global Storylines have a powerful impact because of their unique combination of process drama, research and reflection. There are many powerful learning moments in each Global Storyline, but some examples include:

Switching roles challenges pupils to explore different perspectives.

Overheard conversations allow the teacher to see the subtle nuances of what is going on beneath the surface.

Conscience alley promotes debate and discussion around the pros and cons of key decisions in the story.

Teacher In Role shifts the power dynamics in the classroom, motivating pupils to think deeply and independently.


  Pupil perspectives.

 "These children have awareness and a depth of understanding about these important world issues... everything that we do affects people all other the world...

It has fitted so beautifully into curriculum for excellence because it has encouraged the children to work independently, to work more collaboratively and to take on roles and responsibilities so that they can share knowledge and understanding." Headteacher

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