Global Storylines

Pupils in discussion

What’s so special about doing a Global Storyline?

It’s about affective learning – the drama is the emotional driver through which pupils are motivated because the experience really matters to them.  Learning in the affective domain provokes feelings, values, attitudes and enthusiasm:

  • It’s completely active learning - a lot of fun for both teacher and pupils
  • The pupils love the ownership they have and being able to lead their own learning
  • It’s truly interdisciplinary and reflects all the principles of CfE

About Global Storylines

Storylines allow learners to “become” characters within a community affected by a particular global issue.

The pedagogical approach uniquely combines traditional methods of Storyline, with research, process drama and reflection.

This experiential and participatory learning provides the motivation for teachers and learners to research the issue outside of the story and make connections to what is happening in the real world, locally and globally.

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